How Does Alcohol Affect Your Skin

Thirsty? This Is Probably Why

There are so many distinct views out there about alcohol and our wellness. You always hear wine is fine. If we had a penny for every article out there about how good a glass of wine a day for you is; have a glass of wine a night to assist your soul and be as refreshing as a typical Parisian! On the other side, we are all acquainted with drinking’s health hazards—and the harm to our body’s structures that too much alcohol inevitably does. Sure, at the end of a long day, we all like to relax (a few of us maybe earlier, no judging here), so let’s bust some myths: how does alcohol really impact your body?

How does the body have an impact on alcohol?

What does your body do with all the liquor or whatever you drank? Well, it affects our bodies no differently than how anxiety, stress, or even sugar can. How so? It spikes blood sugar. If you eat too much sugar or drink too much alcohol, you start a chain response that can lead not only to a hangover, but also to an acne breakdown. Alcohol dehydrates your body as well, so don’t forget to eat plenty of water! Having a bottle of water in between alcoholic beverages is a nice concept. At the very least, after you have drunk to rehydrate yourself, drink a large bottle of water.

Skin meets alcohol

Can the impacts of alcohol on the body trigger pimples to drink liquor? The brief response is yes, it can. Drinking drink such as food, beer, tobacco, etc. does not trigger acne immediately, but it does trigger a possible hormone domino impact. Drinking alcohol, especially when you may be over doing it a little, can spike your blood sugar — and when you mess with your blood sugar, you start a hormonal domino effect that can cause acne. Studies indicate that alcohol consumption improves the concentrations of estrogen hormones and their metabolites (aka breakdown materials). This can have a lot of adverse impacts on your body as well as just on your flesh, which is why it is so essential to be aware of how much and how often you get your beverage on.

Water, water, water

Never underestimate the significance of those apparently minor, make-or-break choices such as, should I order that cute boozy drink or instead suck on soda water?” If you were a little too indulgent, be it at the bar or barbecue, afterwards drink plenty of water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate—the next morning you’ll feel better for it.

Keep calm and put all that said on your cream, don’t beat yourself if you enjoy a drink and don’t want to give up. By treating your skin daily with a tailored recipe intended by your very own Curology supplier for your distinctive skin, you can assist your skin prevent the adverse effects of that nightcap, happy hour, or dinner party.

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