The Basics for Guys Skincare

The Basics for Guys Skincare

The skin care and beauty industries are over-saturated with products, many of which may appear to be targeting women. If you’ve been looking for a skin solution and feel a little left out, we feel you. Men have skin too! Honestly, it doesn’t really matter your gender when it comes to skin care. Your skin is unique and has a unique set of preferences and needs. To be frank, packaging is really the primary difference between men’s skin care and women’s skin care. More and more gender-neutral brands are hitting the market, finally.

However, there are some minor differences between the skin of men and women, mainly in beard care and/or face shaving. Because male skin is thicker, some skin products can generally tolerate stronger ingredients. But there’s no textbook rules”—some men have sensitive skin, some women’s skin is thicker or harder, etc. We’re here to help you find the right skincare brand that suites your needs.

Basics Guide to Skincare

Depending on your situation, a simple guide to men’s grooming skin care can range from effortless to multi-step routine. Some guys do nothing but wash their face in the shower with a cleanser, or perhaps add a little moisturizer after a shave to soothe their skin. If your skin is prone to acne, sensitive, or irritated by shaving (for just a few examples), you may have tried anything that was marketed to men in your local drugstore’s skincare aisle and left you feeling underwhelmed, or most likely disappointed. There’s a reason for it! Your skin and its needs are unique, just like you. The ingredients in the products you use are key to the correct treatment of your skin and the results you want to achieve.

Nice beard

Beard acne, razor bumps, and incubated hairs are all common issues in their personal skin care routines that guys have to deal with.

Here’s one key tip: avoid aftershave, toner, or any alcohol-containing product. Astringents like alcohol make your skin dry and susceptible to inflammation and even some not-wanted bacteria, which can also add to the likelihood of getting blotchy skin, bumps, pimples, and other irritation signs.

Another tip for the pro: do not try to shave too close to the skin. It may be helpful to use an electrical razor, a disposable single blade, or a razor specifically designed to avoid shaving bumps and incrowns (such as the Bump Fighter Razor). A popular technique is also the wet shaving” technique with a single or double-edged blade. If you’re down to leave a bit of stubble, try an electric clipper set to leave a shadow of five o’clock.

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or some combination, the right face lotion can make a big difference.

Does your partner do facial treatments? Don’t be afraid to do them yourself. A men’s facial is no different from a woman’s facial — it depends on your skin type. There are also plenty of serums, face masks (which can actually be very relaxing and fun). If you’ve got dry skin, oily skin, suffer form breakotus or sensitive skin, there are also a ton of great simple products that can be easily used at home to combat these issues.

All in all, just keep it simple. We suggest a handful of great men focused or gender-neutral to get started with from a basic one-step routine or a multi-step brand that covers everything including anti-aging.

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