So You Think Self-Care Is for Women?

So You Think Self-Care Is for Women?

We’re sure you’ve heard of self-care, or maybe wondered why your partner takes every Sunday to do personal things, massages, 30-minute skincare routines, reads? It’s certainly nothing new, but the term self-care’ surely has gotten more and more popular over the years. Typically when we think of self-care, we usually think of women getting their vibes on with bathbombs and candles in a nice, warm bath. While that may be one way for someone, self-care can look compeletely different for you, particularly as a man.

It’s time to put some personal care in your life. Here are four easy ways to get started:


Mindfulness is, for one reason, a major movement. Whether at your desk, in the car, or drifting off to sleep, the art of meditation is now easier to practice. You can throw it on your phone with apps like Simple Habit, Calm, and Headspace and listen to anything from a ten-minute guided meditation to a simple breathing exercise that helps manage the stresses of everyday life.


Sure, when you think of a yoga class, you’re likely to think of a class full of women. But it’s just as beneficial for men too. If that’s too much, with somethine more simple like just stretching. Yoga and stretching is often overlooked as a stress reliever or just to let it out. They can lead to better posture, more confidence, a reduction in common aches and pains, and a positive attitude overall.

Get a massage

There are some great reasons why men need or at least benefit from massages, from body pain to injuries from playing ball or even relief from the daily 9-5. A study also shows that only 45-60 minutes of massage can improve blood pressure and get the seritonin flowing. Throwing in an occasional massage to your weekly or monthly routine can reduce anxiety, reduce stress, and maintain the shape of your immune system. Your muscles are going to thank you.


If your morning bathroom routine is a disposable razor and an old cracked bar of soap you sometimes use, it’s seriously time to overhaul your routine. Head over to our list where we suggest a ton of great skincare products to match your personal needs. And remember, they’re all hand-picked and designed for men.

Decompress the stress

Battling the slog at work? An exercise study found has shown to help manage stressful situations in everyday life. Set time for a quick sprint or book a workout together to start the day on a positive note.

All in all, just remember, self-care isn’t just about massages and skincare (although man, it’s important and your partner will see the change), it’s also a mindset.

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